Commitment October - Fall Stewardship Campaign




Dear parishioners,

I would like to start our fall stewardship campaign known as “Commitment October,” with my sincere gratitude for the many and varied gifts you offer to the Saint Thomas More Catholic Community. Because of your generosity, we have weathered the pandemic better than most – with new parishioners joining us all the time. Our school is growing, and our outreach to the community is greater than ever before.

Our theme for the campaign, “Help us walk with you,” is intended to invoke our spirit of accompaniment as a Jesuit parish rooted in Ignatian spirituality. As Christians, our call is to accompany one another on our faith journeys with charity, without judgment, providing each person with what they need to grow in their faith.

Each one of us at Saint Thomas More is committed to being there for you and serving you to the best of our ability. While the pandemic has altered the ways in which we can walk with you, we continue to provide joyful Masses for those participating in-person and at home along with countless opportunities for formation, prayer, and spiritual direction. We have even celebrated Mass and other gatherings outdoors, which have been some of our most widely-attended parish events! 

In the midst of all of this, we managed to break ground on our church addition which will provide accessibility to all levels of the church and parish center, a new parish hall, new accessible bathrooms, and air conditioning. We are truly blessed with a generous community!

All month long, we will be sharing personal stories from a number of community members. As you watch these testimonials, we invite you to reflect on the ways this community has supported you and discern what commitments you can make to ensure that we continue to walk with you, your fellow parishioners, and the wider community. 

Your commitment helps support our work for the things we pray for: fellowship activities, engaging faith formation, justice and service outreach projects, pastoral care programs, moving worship experiences, and much more.

I was encouraged and grateful when we exceeded our stewardship goal this past fiscal year ending June 30, raising $875,000. Your amazing level of commitment made this happen. Still, the needs of our community are vast as we work to balance our budget without using our reserves. Our goal for this year is ambitious but necessary - $900,000. This will be a challenge given that Covid persists still keeping many away from attending in-person Mass. 

Each of us has a gift to offer. For those who are able, please join us this Commitment October by making your increased, new, or renewed financial commitment to our community. If you’re already giving, we ask you to prayerfully consider increasing your commitment and switching to online giving via Our Sunday Visitor at If you’re not currently giving, please consider making a financial commitment at whatever level you are able! Our commitment is to continuously improve our worship experience, formation programs, and individual support for each of our parishioners.

Please fill out a commitment card and return it to us (either at Mass in the collection basket or drop them off/mail them to the parish office) by the end of the month.

Thank you for your commitment to helping us walk with you!

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Fr. Warren Sazama, S.J.


Giving Options:

Online Giving - Set up an account with Our Sunday Visitor at and create a recurring offering gift.

Stewardship Envelopes - Sign up for weekly or monthly offering envelopes. Place them in the collection at Mass or drop them off/mail them to the parish office. 

Planned Giving - Include the parish in your estate planning. Please contact us to arrange.

Get Involved - We need volunteers to be active in the life of the parish. Use your gifts to serve your community. 




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Please contact us or call the parish office! Thank you for your generosity.