2023-24 Confirmation Preparation

9th-12th graders  |  $100 per candidate



Our 2023-24 Confirmation Preparation registration is now open! Sessions will take place Sundays after the 10:30 am Mass, from 12-2 pm in the school. Sessions will include attendance at Mass (sometimes with parents/guardians and/or sponsors), community-building lunch time, prayer, and learning. 

Confirmation is the final Sacrament of Initiation and continues the process of full initiation in the Church, begun at baptism. It is important that each candidate makes the choice to participate in this process of learning and reflection on living a life of faith and service in the Church. 


Confirmation candidates are to engage in 10 hours of service with the poor. Direct service to the marginalized is an essential component of our Catholic faith and of our STM community. Our desire is to put our youth into contact with those who are on the margins and to have a meaningful interaction where both parties are changed forever. Examples of direct service include: serving meals at the Dorothy Day Center, working at STM’s Free Store, working at a senior center, Loaves and Fishes, tutoring kids after school, etc. 

In addition to the service hour requirement, we have a liturgical ministry requirement. We ask that all Confirmation candidates volunteer to serve at our weekend liturgies as an acolyte, Eucharistic minister, lector, singer, usher, or livestream operator. You may choose your desired ministries on the registration form.



Canon (church) Law states that you must be a registered parish family to receive sacraments here. If you are not registered, please register or obtain a letter of permission from the pastor at your cur­rent Catholic parish and make an appointment with Lindsey.

If your child was not Baptized at St. Thomas More Church, you will need to request the church of baptism to send us a NEW baptism certificate dated within this 2022-2023 preparation year. 


October 1 - Introductory Meeting (with parent)

October 8 - Kickoff Retreat (with sponsor)

October 29

November 5 (with sponsor)

November 19

December 3 (with sponsor)

December 16 - Service Day

January 7 (with sponsor)

January 21

February 4 (with sponsor)

February 18 - Service Day #2

March 3 (with sponsor)

March 17 - Final Retreat

April 14 - Sending Mass and Final Wrap-up

April 16 - Confirmation





The cost for Confirmation Preparation is $100 per candidate. Once you submit your registration, you will be redirected to our online payment portal. If you cannot pay the full cost of the programs at the time of registration, payment plans can be made. Contact Lindsey at for information. If you would like to help fund our scholarship program, any amount paid in excess of your registration fee would be most appreciated.