STM Parish Examen




STM has begun conducting a Parish Examen to help us deepen our parish's unique jesuit charisms and to discern a 5-year plan. Parishioners, parish leadership, and staff are asked to reflect on where you see God working in our parish and the desires you have for our future.

We believe God is present in our parish. We believe that God has a call and a mission for us that is not ours to decide, but ours to claim. We look forward to taking time to pause, listen, and be inspired with you!



Parishioner Survey

We invite all parishioners to take this short survey to help us gather a full and complete understanding of parishioners' reflections and desires for our future.  






  • Deepening our Jesuit Charisms 

    STM is part of the Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus, which has invited all Jesuit parishes in the Province to engage in an examen process. The Society believes Jesuit parishes can be a light in our hurting church and world. The Parish Examen process is designed to help us claim and foster our parish’s unique Jesuit charisms. At the end of our examen process, we will share the fruit of our prayer with the Province.

  • Discerning a 5-Year Plan

    We gained valuable insight from the Synod Small Group conversations that occurred at our parish in the fall of 2021. Fr. RJ (as STM’s future pastor) and our Parish Council would like to build upon that insight and take this opportunity to discern the desires and goals we are being called to focus on for the next 5 years.



  • Reflection

    This stage is intended to help us notice and become aware of what is actually occurring (or not) in our parish. Foundational documents, articles, and generative questions will be provided to begin prayer and discernment.


  • Examen

    This stage is an opportunity to engage our hearts, notice consolations and desolations, and sense a call from God. Parish leadership, staff, and parishioners will all have opportunities to give input.


  • Commitments

    This stage is where we define our collective call as a parish. Pastoral council will use input from parishioners, staff, and parish leadership to create a document of our discerned calls and commitments and a detailed 5-year plan. 



If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call the parish office! We are happy to help.





February/March - Introduction

Introduction and review of the parish examen process

March 4, March 15, April 5 - Staff Reflection

Work through the reflection questions in each of the 5 areas

March 15 - Commissions Reflection

Work through the reflection questions in each of the 5 areas

April 5 - Pastoral Council Reflection

Review the answers submitted by the Commissions and Staff

Throughout April - Commissions Examen

Review the reflection questions and complete the Examen portion of the process at their April meeting

April 19 - Staff Examen

Answer Examen questions with representative from the Midwest Province

April 20 - Parish Survey Opens

Sent out to all members of the community via email to reflect on the Examen questions digitally (Closes May 8)

April 23/24 & April 30/May 1 - Parish Town Halls

This will be an opportunity for all members of the community to reflect on the reflection questions in-person

May 10 - Pastoral Council Examen & Commitment

Answer Examen questions and determine a plan of action

May 14-16 - Site Visit

Representative from the Midwest Province will visit STM

May 16 - Staff Commitment

Determine a plan of action