Conserving our Stations of the Cross


Dear Friends,

Lent is almost upon us! A distinctly Catholic and Lenten prayer exercise is that of praying with the Stations of the Cross. As you have certainly noticed our Stations are in desperate need of repair. After nearly 100 years of leading us along the Way of the Cross, time, the elements, and neglect have left these once remarkable paintings in disrepair and continuing to deteriorate. These paintings are historic, beautiful, and worth preserving. 

The STM Sacred Arts Committee has been working with the Midwest Art Conservation Center, located at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, to restore these works of art.

The total cost to restore all fourteen stations and their frames is in excess of $100,000. This works out to be $10,000 per station. We are hoping to raise the funds for this project from individual donors, not from the general operating budget of the parish.

We have several generous donors who have pledged to fund individual station conservation efforts. We hope you will consider what you might be able to donate towards this endeavor–whether that be funding a full station, joining a group in funding a station, or giving what you can towards the project. 

I encourage you to prayerfully consider supporting this most important project that will directly impact to prayer experience for generations of Saint Thomas More parishioners and guests to come. There are three pledge commitments to consider at this time:

- I/We pledge $10,000 to conserve a full station.
- I/We will coordinate our family/friends to fund a full station.
- I/We are unable to sponsor a full station at this time, but pledge to contribute $_______ to the overall conservation.

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in making a pledge to this most meaningful project.

I invite you to contact me with questions or with your intention to support the conservation of our stations. 


Peace & Blessings,

Fr. R.J. Fichtinger, S.J.