Target Gift Card Drive for Christmas Gifts



We are collecting $25 Target gift cards to provide Christmas gifts for children in the surrounding community! Due to the current rise in Covid-19 cases, we are unfortunately not able to hold our live Annual Toy Giveaway event this year. However, we are glad to continue the mission in a different way!

In addition to collecting Target gift cards, our school families are collecting toys that will be distributed to local organizations and schools to provide additional Christmas gifts for children in the surrounding community.

Please drop your Target gift cards in the collection baskets at any Mass or drop them off at the Parish Center by December 13. We also welcome cash/check donations. Thank you for your generosity!

Our STM Women's Group will be mailing the gift cards directly to local families struggling to provide Christmas gifts for their children. If you would like to request gift cards or you would like to refer someone to receive gift cards, please call the Parish Center at 651-227-7669.