Drawn Into Friendship: An Interactive Art Retreat


Ignatius encourages affective experiences in our prayer, and the arts provide a helpful way of moving from our heads to our hearts. We invite you to take part in this interactive art retreat based on the creation story in Genesis, designed to encourage our reflection on our common creation story as well as your own story. This at-home retreat was designed by Christopher Alt, S.J. Although the retreat could be completed in a single day, we are encouraging you to take seven days—one on each day of creation. The extra days before the small group meetings should be used for reflection on the fruits of the retreat.

If you sign up to participate in this retreat, you will receive:


  • A video introduction to praying with creative arts presented by Susan Stabile.
  • A video with seven days of guided prayer material presented by Christopher Alt, SJ.
  • A "creation sketchbook” containing reflection questions and prompts for drawing.
  • The opportunity to meet with other retreatants at the end of the retreat to share prayer experiences.

Prayer materials and videos will be provided on Friday, October 2. Discussion group choices are October 14 at 9:30 am (in-person) or October 15 at 7 pm (virtual).


Registration for this retreat is now closed.


Please email Carol Arend at or call the parish office!


There is no cost to register for this retreat! If you wish to make a donation, please visit (select the Faith Formation Program fund) or you may mail a check to our parish office.