Pastoral Care means responding to the needs of parishioners as they arise, to reach out and offer help where it may be needed. Please contact Carol Arend if you are in need of pastoral care or if you are interested in becoming involved with this ministry: Contact Carol or call 651-227-7669 x 305.

Lay Ministers bring the Eucharist and prayer to those who are unable to attend Mass; they become the link between the Church and home. Infirm visits are made whenever we are aware that someone is having special care.

Prayers are offered for those who are sick, in life transitions, in the military or who have died. Our prayer team holds them and their families in prayer. If you would a name added to our prayer line please contact Carol Arend, Associate of Pastoral Care.


Pastoral Theology and Accompaniment:

The Joy of the Gospel — the primary statement of the theology theology
The Joy of Love — the statement about how to respond pastorally to "irregular" situations
Our Catholic Life — The Catechism in plain English, in 7 short volumes, perfect for understanding what we teach for accompanists to have at hand as they do their work (también disponible en español).
Intro to The Art of Accompaniment presentation by Bill Huebsch