Adult Faith Formation

Formation for Adults

We do not stop growing in our faith when we graduate from high school. St. Thomas More seeks to support adults in their continued faith journey through classes, guest speakers, and opportunities for service, worship and community building. Questions? Contact Brian Hefer: or 651-227-7669 x 311. 

Bible Study Series: St. Paul - Letters from Prison

Explore Letters from Prison and open up to the world of St. Paul. Our next ten-week bible study begins Thursday, February 14, 8-9:30 am, and concludes on April 11. In these letters of encouragement, correction, and instruction written from prison, Paul lovingly inspires and challenges us to greater discipleship. In Philippians, Paul calls on the community to rejoice even when difficulties and struggles abound in life. Paul offers Jesus himself as the prime model to follow in his humility and obedience. Colossians and Ephesians have a number of striking similarities, including the depiction of the Church as the body of Christ with Christ as the head. Colossians, contains a great hymn of praise to Christ as the image of the invisible God, while Ephesians describes the Church as the spotless bride of Christ. The cost is $20 and is due on the first day of the study - you may make an electronic payment here (please apply your payment to the "Faith Formation Program Fee" fund). 

Bible Study Registration