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What is OUR Role in the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity?

Today we celebrate the solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. The theology of our Trinitarian God is complex and mere words usually fail to give adequate expression to the great mystery that is the Holy Trinity. So, recalling the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” we turn to Rublev’s Icon of the Trinity. Originally named “Visitors of Abraham,” this icon is based on the story of three angels who visited Abraham at the oaks of Mamre and invited both him and Sarah on a great and unbelievable adventure - an adventure that was the opening chapter of the Christ Story in salvation history. Icons tell a story.

They draw us into that story and into the Mystery that is held by that story - inviting us to participate in the Mystery. Consider the Icon of the Trinity: There are three figures - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Their divinity is represented by their halo’s, the slender staff each holds, and the hint of heavenly blue in their garments.

God the Father is on the left wearing Gold - symbolic presence of the divine. The other two figures gaze at him with bowed heads. He gazes back with love. Behind him is a building recalling the heavenly mansion to which we are called. The door is open and there is an open window from which to watch and wait for the returning prodigal. God the Son is in the middle. His garments are deep brown, the color of earth - with a band of gold. He is the Incarnation - fully human and fully God. Behind him is the Tree of Life, recalling the Garden of Eden from which we were expelled by our sin and to which we are restored through the tree of life that is the tree of Christ’s crucifixion. God the Holy Spirit is on the right, robed in green, the color of creative energy, new growth and life. Behind her is a mountain, a scriptural location for encountering God, a height that takes effort to attain. The Table at which they sit is the banquet table to which we are called in the Eucharistic feast. Note the presence of the one cup of salvation, the one bread and the small square on the altar’s side that represents the center of the world. There is an open spot at this table. It welcomes us to the eucharistic feast and it also invites us to the dance of the Trinitarian God.

We come to the table not only as partakers in the Body and Blood of Christ, but as essential participants in the ongoing mystery that continues to unfold in the world. Just as Sarah and Abraham listened to the angels and trusted in God’s plan for them, we are drawn into a partnership with the Most Holy Trinity. Based on trust and rooted in love, what is your / my / our role in the salvation history begun at the oaks of Mamre?
Thank you to Jesuit Father John Paul for his insights into the spiritual riches of Rublev’s Icon of the Trinity.




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